Another feud hits NUP leadership

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Another feud hits NUP leadership
Bobi Wine and NUP will finally feel some breezer but unlikely in those overalls

Another feud is brewing in the opposition  National Unity Platform, this time in Busoga region ahead of party president, Robert Kyagulanyi's visit on Wednesday.

According to the schedule  Kyagulanyi is supposed to resume his consultation meetings in  Kamuli District.

However, this declaration has not augured well with a section of district NUP leaders who accuse the party headquarters at Kavule of not involving them in the preparations for the meeting.

In a letter signed by Fred Isabirye, the NUP chairman for mobilisation in Kamuli,  Badiru Kavuma chairperson in charge of mobilisation for Kamuli municipality ,Akram Mpoya chairperson for Kamuli district and Julius Amuvin, the party registrar in Kamuli district, the leaders accuse the Kavule estbalishment of organising the visit behind their backs.

They claim that they were not involved in organizing the event and that they shall not allow anyone to implement the activity.

In their letter dated May 20, 2024 these party leaders have put  the Resident District Commissioner, the District Police Commander and other authorities on notice.

They also demand to know who is behind the alleged event of the national tour as the leaders on the ground are ignorant about the same.

They further allege that during their visit on April 25, 2024 to the party secretariat  at Makerere Kavule, Kampala for some engagements with their bosses, they were not recognised to a level of chasing them out of the gate, leaving their concerns unaddressed.

“The party did not apologise for  being hand-heartedness at the secretariat. Now, how come that you want to pay a visit to the people you dislike to associate with? W e thought that we would have a meeting for a reconciliation before you visit,” they argued.

“We have imposed the sanctions against the following people not to risk and step in Kamuli municipality during the tour of Mr Kyagulanyi in Kamuli municipality  including Andrew Muwanguzi,  Andrew Kaluya, comedian Swengere, Jamal Mukuve and Sauda Madada."

They allege that the mentioned individuals are behind the division and disunity among party leaders in Busoga with a target of excluding and undermining the efforts of  Moses Bigirwa in the struggle.

However, Andrew Kizza Kaluya, the head mobilisation of NUP in Eastern Uganda said the purported leaders are not known in the party leadership structures in the Kamuli district.

“NUP party doesn’t have spokespersons at the district level. We have only two spokespersons in the country. We therefore, don’t know those people in our leadership in Kamuli. We only have the party chairman and focal person in charge of red book registration,” Kaluya said.

Kaluya confirmed that the group went to the party secretariat, and engaged with the top leadership bosses but they could have not been atisfied.

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