Police bust taxi gang robbing, killing female passengers along Entebbe Expressway

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Police bust taxi gang robbing, killing female passengers along Entebbe Expressway
Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga.

The Flying Squad and Crime Intelligence in Kampala have bust a gang of criminals using taxis to target women travelling to and from work along Kampala-Entebbe Expressway to rob and then kill them.

According to police, the gang would target women going to work very early in the morning, or returning late from work.

“Disguised as taxi operators, the suspects would lure the female victims to their taxi, where they would strangle and suffocate them using polythene bags. They would proceed to rob their bags, smart phones and other valuables and then dump the bodies of the victims, within Kajjansi Town Council,” Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said on Monday.

The Nile Post has separately learnt that the gang would target the female passengers who remain in the taxi after others have left and pretend to fall in love with them before pouncing.

The incidents

According to police, the first incident of abduction and murder occurred on March, 31, 2024 where  Judith Awori , 25, a  waitress at Royal Ark Restaurant in Lweza Cell, Ndejje in Kajjansi Town Council, was found murdered and her body dumped near St. Luke Church in Lweza.

On April, 23, 2024, another body of an unknown female adult, was found in a sack of Kawotto cell in Kajjansi Town Council.

It was dumped by a male suspect, who was captured on camera, fleeing from the scene, after setting fire on the body of the death victim.

On April, 29, another report was made at Kajjansi Police Station, after another female adult, identified as Jeniffer Nassali was murdered by unknown persons and her body dumped at Bweya cell in Kajjansi town council.

The deceased had signs of strangulation, around the neck area, face was blindfolded in a polythene bag.

On May, 9, another body of a female adult victim, that was unknown was found dumped along Jjanja – Lutembe beach road, at around 9am, by an unidentified motor vehicle.

On May, 15, a report of disappearance of  Sandra Nangobi was made at Kajjansi Police Division, by her mother Sulaina Tendo after the victim left home at Kitende, “B” cell, Kajjansi town council at 5am, but did not reach her work place in Makindye.

The victim’s phone was switched off and her whereabouts unknown.

Following these reports, operatives from the Flying Squad and the Crime Intelligence Directorate went to work, tracking and leading to the arrest of Abbas Katongole and Ronlad Matovu, both conductors as well as Herbert Turyashemererwa.

The arrest of the trio led them to the key suspect, Isaac Nuwagaba, 32 a taxi driver who had three days back ran to Rwakimuli cell, Bukinda sub-county, in Rukiga district following the murder of one of the women.

“ Upon arrest, a search was conducted and tangible exhibits recovered, including Techno Spark black phones, one with a line of Nassali Jenipher, who was murdered, a Samsung phone with two sim cards, a red hand bag, yellow jumper, six mobile cover and  cash shs500,000 among other exhibits,” Enanga said.

He said in addition, two taxis operating along Kampala – Entebbe allegedly used in the commission of the atrocities, under registration number UAU 737T and UAV 473Y, were impounded and parked at Kajjansi CPS.

Police said there is substantial evidence linking the gang’s involvement in the disappearance and death of the victims while their mode of operation in the deaths of the five women is similar.

“We have obtained DNA samples for comparison, with the samples picked from the bodies of the victims and from the two taxis.”

Police urged members of the public to be careful while travelling, more so those who leave their homes very early and those who return late from work .

“ Moving in groups is advised, because serial killers prey on lone and vulnerable victims.”



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