TotalEnergies EP Uganda pioneers Industry Enhancement Center to empower local businesses in oil and gas sector

TotalEnergies EP Uganda pioneers Industry Enhancement Center to empower local businesses in oil and gas sector
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In a proactive move aimed at fortifying local businesses and amplifying their involvement in the burgeoning oil and gas sector, TotalEnergies EP Uganda proudly unveils the Industry Enhancement Center (IEC Uganda).

This cutting-edge facility, born out of insights gleaned from the 2013 Industrial Baseline Survey, is poised to arm Ugandan enterprises with the essential expertise and insights crucial for success.

At the helm of this groundbreaking initiative stands TotalEnergies EP Uganda, implemented by the dynamic partnership of the Zoramu Consulting Group & Invest in Africa.

The IEC Uganda is committed to tackling pivotal challenges such as a lack of sector awareness, struggles in meeting industry standards, and accessing vital financial resources.

In harmony with Uganda's vision for a sustainable oil and gas industry, the IEC Uganda strategically sets its sights on facilitating local business entry into the sector while steering them towards diversification for enduring prosperity.

Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, lauded the initiative at its launch, highlighting its potential to empower Ugandan SMEs to flourish not only within the oil and gas realm but also in broader economic arenas.

She emphasized, "By nurturing local enterprise growth, we forge enduring economic advantages and position Ugandan companies as pivotal agents of national progress. Uganda must aspire to excel in the Oil Sector without repeating the mistakes of other nations."

Philippe Groueix, General Manager of TotalEnergies EP Uganda, affirmed the significance of the IEC launch, stating, "The inauguration of the IEC underscores our unwavering dedication to advancing national content and fostering shared value for the sustainable development of Uganda's oil and gas sector and the nation as a whole."

The establishment of the IEC marks a watershed moment for Ugandan enterprises, unlocking vast potential to supply goods and services to the oil and gas industry.

Jimmy D Mugerwa, Project Director of IEC Uganda, emphasized the transformative impact of the center, remarking, "It will bridge capacity gaps that previously hindered Ugandan businesses from meaningfully participating in the sector and reaping the benefits of its vast opportunities."

Operational objectives of the IEC Uganda encompass the dissemination of sector-specific insights, provision of advisory services, and consultancy on operational best practices, financial management, and diversification strategies. Through a robust framework of workshops, training programs, and mentorship initiatives, the IEC endeavors to empower Ugandan SMEs across.

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