Kampala loses 70 babies every week

In Uganda, the well-being of mothers and children remains a critical public health concern, as the nation grapples with one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates globally.

Recent data from the Uganda Demographic Health Survey (UDHS) and the Kampala audit have shed light on the severity of the issue, with Kampala, the capital city, contributing disproportionately to these alarming statistics, despite the relentless efforts of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to enhance Maternal and Child Health (MCH) indicators.

During the fiscal year 2022/2023 in Kampala, a total of 3,404 perinatal deaths were recorded, translating to a staggering average of 70 precious young lives lost every week.

Among these tragic losses, the majority, comprising 47%, were newborn deaths occurring within the first seven days of life.

Neonatal diseases emerged as the predominant cause of these devastating losses, accounting for a substantial 47.51% of all cases.

Among neonatal diseases, birth asphyxia emerged as the leading cause of death, further underscoring the pressing need for targeted interventions to address this critical issue.

As Uganda continues its fight to improve maternal and child health outcomes, these sobering statistics serve as a reminder that more comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained efforts are required.

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