Unicaf University, UMA sign MOU to offer scholarships to medical professionals

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Unicaf University, UMA sign MOU to offer scholarships to medical professionals
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UNICAF University has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Uganda Medical Association(UMA) a remarkable opportunity for individuals in the medical field to pursue their academic aspirations through generous scholarships.

Under the terms of the MoU, eligible members of the UMA and their staff will have 80% discounted scholarship remaining with only 20% for students to pay in a wide range of programs offered by UNICAF universities and this will equip medical professionals with knowledge to excel in their careers.

These discounted online international degrees, Masters and PhD courses are from top institutions like, University of East London, Liverpool John Moores University, UNICAF University and University of Suffolk among others.

During the signing  event of the understanding at UNICAF offices in Ntinda, Moses Turyagumanawe, the marketing manager UNICAF Uganda said the partnership will provide opportunities to members of the UMA to advance in different programmes of education at UNICAF University.

"With this partnership, it brings together these two institutions whereby UNICAF will offer a generous 80% scholarships to members of Uganda Medical Association and their staff and in so doing, they will be able to achieve their career dreams by studying through enrolling one of the programmes at UNICAF Universities," Moses Turyagumanawe said.

Turyagumanawe added that UNICAF being an online platform, it is affordable because one can attain education online hence avoiding costs of transport among others.

"As you all know that it's very expensive to study from UK, for example, in terms of transport insurance, or other associated costs, but with a UNICAF online platform, it brings the opportunity for people to attain this education by online and therefore avoiding costs of transport, accommodation, visas and other related costs involving travel."

While speaking at the event, Dr. Herbert Luswata, the president Uganda Medical Association(UMA) said that with this partnership, doctors will easily get access to PhDs online without necessary going abroad and at a lower cost.

"Our members can access these PhDs or Master's programmes online without necessarily having to travel to UK or to US because that has been the case before, whereby a doctor, you have to leave your workstation and then you go to study for two years, or three years, which has also been a problem to our service delivery in Uganda."

Dr. Luswata lauded UNICAF University for the opportunity and also committed to convince more members in the association to apply for these scholarships.

"It is a good opportunity for members of Uganda Medical Association, and then I know a number of them will apply to do these PhDs online and also, members that are interested in the PhDs in the US and the UK. I think it will increase the number of people studying for UNICAF and that is good business."


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