Singer Vinka to grace Tusker Malt conversessions season two finale

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Singer Vinka to grace Tusker Malt conversessions season two finale

Anticipation is mounting as Tusker Malt Conversessions, Season Two, nears its grand finale, and the sensational singer Vinka has been chosen as the headline artist.

As the curtain falls on the remarkable six-month online musical extravaganza by Tusker Malt, Veronica Nakiyingi Lugya, known as Vinka, takes center stage, ready to captivate music lovers with her enchanting performance.

With her infectious rhythms in songs like 'Bailando' and the irresistible vibes of hits like 'Thank God,' 'Amaaso,' and 'Love Panic,' Vinka has firmly established herself in the hearts of dancehall enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to her electrifying performance, Vinka will also share her personal journey of triumph over obstacles, her achievements, and more during the 40-minute-long episode of Tusker Malt Conversessions, taking viewers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Viewers will also be treated to the mesmerizing sound of Vinka's distinctive vocals during the show.

Reflecting on the six-month-long journey, Roy Tumwizere, the Brand Manager of Tusker Malt, expressed his gratitude for the beautiful memories and experiences created.

"We have had an incredible journey connecting with our customers, forging stronger bonds than ever before. The stories we've shared have been compelling, motivating, and truly inspiring. We are immensely proud of the talented artists who joined us and appreciate the journey they embarked on with us. We hope that music lovers have enjoyed the masterpieces we have created for them," he shared.

Tumwizere added, "Vinka's musical finesse and presence have truly established her as an exceptional artist deserving of this opportunity to grace the stage as the final act of Season Two."

The season finale is set to air on Sunday, April 14, 2024, at 6pm on both the Swangz Avenue and Tusker Malt YouTube channels.

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