Ugandan Coffee Brews for Bigger Markets: Turkey the First Sip

Ugandan Coffee Brews for Bigger Markets: Turkey the First Sip
Amb.NusuraTiperu making her remarks.

Ugandan coffee is tantalizing Turkish taste buds, but there's a twist. Supermarket shelves in Turkey overflow with the rich aroma Ugandan coffee is famous for, but it's missing a key ingredient: Ugandan identity. Ambassador Nusurah Tiperu is brewing a solution – connecting Ugandan exporters directly with Turkish partners.

The problem? Ugandan coffee lacks a local champion in Turkey. Exporters haven't established partnerships, so their beans are anonymously blended and sold. This is a missed opportunity, as Ambassador Tiperu highlights. Turkish coffee consumption is booming, with 85 million people enjoying 1.3 million bags annually. Imagine Ugandan coffee, with its unique flavour profile, proudly labelled and taking its rightful place on Turkish shelves.

Tiperu sees Turkey as more than just a market; it's a gateway. By partnering with Turkish businesses, Ugandan exporters can not only establish a strong presence in Turkey but also leverage those connections to reach even bigger markets. The possibilities are endless, from business-to-business deals to joint ventures, creating a win-win situation for both sides.

The Ugandan Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) echoes the Ambassador's call to action. Veronica Najjemba, manager of value addition and promotion at UCDA, emphasizes the vast potential. While Brazil and other giants currently dominate Turkish coffee imports, Uganda is perfectly positioned to step in.

There's a delicious irony here: Turkish coffee lovers are already enjoying Ugandan coffee, but they just don't know it yet. By establishing partnerships and branding their product effectively, Ugandan exporters can transform this silent love affair into a thriving international business relationship. The future of Ugandan coffee is brimming with possibilities, and Turkey is the first aromatic sip in that journey.

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