Town clerks urged to safeguard public funds

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Town clerks urged to safeguard public funds
Todwong ddressing members of the Town Clerk's Association of Uganda (TCAU)

Richard Todwong, the Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), has called upon civil servants to refrain from engaging in corrupt practices while carrying out their duties.

Todwong made this statement on Tuesday while addressing members of the Town Clerk's Association of Uganda (TCAU), an umbrella organization representing town clerks from urban councils across the country.

The occasion was the launch of the five-year strategic plan for 2024-2028, held at the Kira Municipality headquarters.

"Maintain firmness when it comes to accountability matters. This will contribute to the government's efforts in improving service delivery. By being strict with proper expenditures, you will set an example for junior officers to follow, ensuring that they also perform their duties effectively," Todwong advised the town clerks.

He warned technocrats against misusing government resources, emphasizing that such actions tarnish the reputation of the ruling NRM party.

"Let us serve our people with dignity and unwavering diligence," he added.

Todwong urged the town clerks not to succumb to pressure from corrupt individuals attempting to misappropriate public resources. "It is better to be disliked for doing the right thing in the interest of the population," he emphasized.

Todwong also assured the members of the association that the government is committed to implementing the newly launched strategic plan.

"I have taken note of your concerns, such as the lack of offices for clerks in newly established councils and limited funding for certain priority projects. I promise to convey these issues to the relevant authorities through the appropriate channels."

Addressing the issue of conflicts between civil servants and political leaders, the NRM Secretariat head advised both parties to develop harmonious working relationships, as disputes negatively impact services provided to the general public.

"Even in the face of conflicts and provocations, leaders must learn to be tolerant of one another for the greater good of the people," he stated.

Bernard Yiga, the Town Clerk of Kira Municipality and President of TCAU urged the NRM to collaborate closely with civil servants in their efforts to build a better country.

"Uganda is not only our home but also the home of future generations. Therefore, we must be honest and truthful in the delivery of our services," Yiga affirmed.

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