Stop fermenting opportunistic wars, coups, Museveni tells world at Russia-Africa summit

President  Museveni has advised countries, organizations and people all over the world against a culture of fermenting, sponsoring and promoting unjustified, opportunistic wars, terrorism and criminality both on the African continent and in the entire world.

Museveni said those doing it  are wasting their time as history has proved that humanity has overcome all forms of injustices that have come their way over years.

“Those who ferment wars on account of ideological issues, are wrong and they are time and opportunity wasters.  You cannot win an unjustifiable war and history has proved that. Humanity will overcome it ultimately. Historically the religious wars in Europe and the fight between the feudalists and the emergence of capitalism in Europe are a historic testimony because they were justified and of a right cause; humanity came out victorious beyond all odds,” he said.

Museveni was addressing the first session of the second Russia-Africa summit this morning in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

He said that fighting an unjust war is a waste of time, noting that  even if the perpetrator comes out victorious, the gains of such a war are likely to be very temporary.

“Did the religious wars in Europe impose religious conformity in the World? Did Metternich’s Holy Alliance stop the spread of capitalism and the overthrow of feudalism?”

Museveni therefore advised that people in the modern times should explore dialogue to solve the existing issues in society instead of always looking at violence as the only way to solve human disagreements.

“The only justified wars are the just wars, like the anti-colonial wars. Wars of hegemony, will fail and waste time and opportunity.  Dialogue is the correct way.”

He castigated forces in Africa and foreign ones that are in a culture of overthrowing legitimate and democratically elected governments in Africa, the recent one having taken place in Niger, an act he said was shameful in the modern era.

Museveni's comments on the "unjust wars" come on the backdrop of an ongoing war in Europe between Russia and Ukraine which has killed thousands of people and left many others homeless .

The war that broke out in February 2022 saw Russia invade Ukraine in an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War which began in 2014.

The war has pitted Russia against Ukraine being supported by the US and its allies under the NATO.

Earlier in 2014, Ukraine had become a battleground when Russia annexed Crimea and began arming and abetting separatists in the Donbas region in the country’s southeast.

Russia’s seizure of Crimea was the first time since World War II that a European state annexed the territory of another.

In February 2022, Russia embarked on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine with the aim of toppling the Western-aligned government of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Russia however insists that the invasion of Ukraine is not a war but rather a special military operation.

At least 62,295 people have been killed during the war, 61,000 others injured, at least 15000 missing, 17 million displaced and at least 140, 000 buildings damaged since February 2022.


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