Urgent blood appeal in Nairobi after devastating gas blast

Urgent blood appeal in Nairobi after devastating gas blast
Leaders appeal for blood donations for victims of last night's deadly blast. Courtesy Photo, EPA.

Nairobi leaders have appealed to citizens to come forward and donate blood to support the victims of a devastating gas explosion that claimed the lives of at least three individuals and left close to 300 people injured.

The tragedy unfolded when a gas-laden truck exploded in the Embakasi district around 23:30 local time, resulting in a colossal fireball that damaged residences, businesses, and vehicles.

Initially believed to have occurred at a gas plant, authorities are still investigating the exact cause of the blast. Wesley Kimeto, the Embakasi police chief, confirmed the death of a child and warned that the death toll might rise.

Emergency services, particularly the Kenya Red Cross, sprang into action, transporting 271 individuals to hospitals and providing on-site treatment to 27 others. Isaac Mwaura, the government spokesperson, reported that the fireball extended widely, causing additional destruction, including the burning down of a garments and textiles warehouse.

Witnesses described feeling tremors immediately after the explosion, with many sustaining inhalation injuries. Among the injured are at least 25 children, according to reports.

Several businesses along the affected road suffered significant destruction.

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