MultiChoice unveils new comedy series, Hotel Mara

MultiChoice Uganda  has announced the launch of a new comedy series, Hotel Mara that will air on tv.

This humorous comedy is set in a hotel in Kampala and captures the day-to-day lives of Ugandans through the experiences of both the hotel staff and its diverse visitors, all infused with humour.

Throughout the show, viewers will immerse themselves in a blend of romance, unexpected celebrity encounters, and dramatic events, all reflective of the genuine warmth one can expect to find anywhere in Uganda.

Speaking at the launch, Patricia Kiconco, Head of Customer Experience and Care MultiChoice Uganda commented on the diversity that this show brings to Ugandan screens.

“This production is sure to unveil a different facet of Uganda through its light-hearted storytelling,” Kiconco said.

“Throughout the years, we have  provided a platform for local storytellers to employ their creativity and talent in promoting a positive narrative of Uganda, and I must say we have undeniably delivered. Hence, it is  only fitting that this launch coincides with Pearl Magic’s celebration of five years of delivering high-quality local content by Ugandans to the world ,an achievement worth celebrating.”

Steven Ayeny, the producer of the show, expressed his gratitude to MultiChoice for their pivotal role in elevating the standards of local content showcased on Pearl Magic.

“Over the past two decades, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation in the production value of the stories we tell. In stark contrast to the strict production standards of the past, today’s storytelling has reached unmatched heights in terms of quality and innovation,” Ayeny said.

“This shift in production standards has not only elevated the content quality but has also left a big impact on the livelihoods of those directly or indirectly connected to industry powerhouses like MultiChoice.”

The show offers a golden opportunity for both seasoned and emerging actors and actresses in the industry to keep Ugandans in stitches with expertly executed plotlines ingrained with comedy.

The gifted cast includes Raymond Rushabiro, Carolynn Kunihira, and Monica Jacobs Birwinyo.

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