Acholi, Lango MPs challenge gov't report on Nodding disease

Members of Parliament representing Acholi and Lango sub-regions have raised concerns over what they termed as inaccuracy of a Ministry of Health report claiming no new cases of nodding syndrome disease in the area.

Contrary to the ministry's report, the MPs assert that cases of nodding disease are indeed on the rise and require urgent attention.

During Tuesdays parliamentary session, MPs debated the gravity of the nodding syndrome disease in Acholi and parts of Lango, highlighting discrepancies between the ministry's report and the reality on the ground.

The MPs expressed frustration over the misappropriation of resources meant for nodding syndrome victims, including mattresses and iron sheets.

This revelation further fueled skepticism regarding the effectiveness of government interventions in addressing the disease.

In response to the concerns raised by MPs, the Deputy Speaker directed the office of the government chief whip to organize a multi-sectoral meeting for immediate action, underlining the urgency of addressing the growing prevalence of nodding syndrome in affected regions.

This development reflects the need for increased collaboration between government agencies and local stakeholders to effectively combat nodding syndrome and ensure adequate support for affected communities.

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