Education Ministry pressed over teachers' PLE mock exam

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Education Ministry pressed over teachers' PLE mock exam
Speaker Among has asked the Ministry of Education to explain circumstances under which, Ignatius Koomu Kiwanuka, the LCV of Nakaseke district, subjected P7 Teachers in his district to assessment tests.

Speaker Anita Among has reiterated the necessity for the Ministry of Education and Sports to clarify the circumstances surrounding Ignatius Koomu's decision to subject teachers to a PLE mock exam, given the Ministry's failure to provide a statement when the issue was initially raised in March 2024.

Allan Mayanja, representing Nakaseke Central, raised concerns about the Ministry's lack of response, noting that Koomu proceeded to release the mock exam results despite parliamentary concerns.

Mayanja highlighted disparities in the results, with the lowest-scoring teacher achieving 27% in Mathematics and the highest-scoring one reaching 92%, though he admitted not having received a copy of the results.

The Speaker advised Mayanja to obtain the results from Koomu for future reference.

Last month, Ignatius Koomu Kiwanuka, the LCV chairperson of Nakaseke district, administered PLE mock exams to 40 P7 teachers at Nakaseke Technical Institute following poor PLE 2023 results from their students. Failure could result in demotion.

Speaker Anita Among directed the Ministry of Education to elucidate the circumstances of Kiwanuka's actions, prompted by MP Allan Mayanja's complaint.

Mayanja shared teachers' discontent with the assessment, labelling it disrespectful and called for clarification on the policy's implementation and the fate of those who passed or failed.

Minister of State for Higher Education, John Muyingo, expressed shock at Kiwanuka's actions and stated that a ministry team is investigating the matter in Nakaseke.

He assured Parliament of a forthcoming report after the investigations are completed.

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