Kanyamunyu released from jail

Kanyamunyu released from jail
Mathrew Kanyamunyu


Kampala businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu has been released from jail after serving his five year jail term for the killing of child rights activist, Kenneth Akena.

Kanyamunyu was in November,2020 sentenced to four years after his murder charge was reduced to manslaughter after he pleaded guilty and consequently entered plea bargain with the DPP .

On Friday, the businessman was released from prison and according to prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine , Kanyamunyu has concluded his sentence.

“He has been dully discharged back home for integration,” Baine said.

During his sentence, High Court, Stephen Mubiru said he opted for a lighter sentence since Kanyamunyu was a first-time offender but also  took the victim to the hospital

“Kanyamunyu is aged 43 years and he is a first offender, after shooting him, he realised the gravity of his actions and rushed the deceased to hospital where he told the doctors what had happened and attempted to save his life. He sought out the deceased's family and community leaders and asked for forgiveness. He suffers from hypertension; he is a single parent to 4 minor children.”

Speaking on Friday, the prisons spokesperson said whereas Kanyamunyu had been sentenced to five years and one-month sentence and he would be released in December 2025, they had deducted remission time.

“Some days are awarded to a hardworking and disciplined prisoner and this is an entitlement for prisoners sentenced beyond one month. Kanyamunyu benefitted from this remission and his earliest period of discharge landed him today, April, 12, 2024.”




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