Leaders promise justice as Masindi mourns Dr. Abiriga's tragic demise

Leaders promise justice as Masindi mourns Dr. Abiriga's tragic demise
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Masindi district was engulfed in grief and sorrow as the body of Dr. Abiriga Jino, a dedicated surgeon and gynecologist, arrived at Masindi Hospital from Mulago, amidst tearful mourners and solemn leaders.

The tragic incident has prompted district officials to vow relentless efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice, expressing concern about the potential impact on the district's image.

Masindi district leaders, led by Chairman Dr. Cosmas Byaruhanga, pledged to collaborate with security forces to ensure the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for Dr. Abiriga's senseless killing.

Dr. Byaruhanga emphasized the need to safeguard the district's reputation and prevent a climate of fear among civil servants, fearing the repercussions of such a gruesome incident.

"We won't sit and watch on; we will work with the police to ensure that the killers are arrested and brought to court to answer charges of murder. We need to clean our image as a district. It's tainted," declared Dr. Byaruhanga.

He stressed the far-reaching consequences, stating,

"The killers have not just taken Abiriga; they have killed the district."

During the emotional memorial service at Masindi Hospital, leaders challenged health workers to emulate Dr. Abiriga's commitment to saving lives.

The district chairman and the resident district commissioner, Emmy Ngabirano, urged medical professionals to prioritize patient well-being, emphasizing the late doctor's selfless dedication to healthcare.

"Dr. Abiriga did not prioritize money or any other thing but saving lives. You, health workers, have a big task ahead of you. Make sure you work to ensure people can forget Dr. Abiriga and let his soul rest in peace," urged Dr. Byaruhanga.

Security officials assured the public that investigations were nearing completion, with the director of CID, AIGP Tom Magambo, expressing confidence in apprehending the culprits.

Despite the ongoing speculations, residents were cautioned against making assumptions, with the official police report expected soon.

Currently, four suspects, including a wife and children, have been detained at Masindi Central Police Station, with authorities pointing to a possible property dispute as a motive for Dr. Abiriga's untimely demise.

The 53-year-old, who served Masindi for three decades, not only as a skilled medical professional but also as the acting District Health Officer, leaves a void that community members and leaders are determined to address through justice for his tragic end

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