Masindi district health officer murdered

Masindi district health officer murdered
Dr. Jino Abiriga

Police have kicked off investigations into the murder of  Dr. Jino Abiriga, the longest-serving District Health Officer for Masindi.

His lifeless body was discovered at a neighbor's residence in Kijura LC1 cell, sending shockwaves through the medical community and residents alike.

Eyewitnesses says  that Dr. Abiriga received a mysterious call at midnight, informing him of an urgent medical case that required immediate attention.

Tragically, he never returned home, leaving his loved ones in distress.

"His wife informed us that he received a call at midnight about an ill patient who needed an operation, but he never returned home," stated an eyewitness.

Dr. Abiriga, also a surgeon at Masindi hospital, was found with a cut on his neck and abdomen in the neighbor's compound.

Leaders suspect foul play, suggesting that he might have been murdered elsewhere and his body dumped in the neighbor's compound.

"There were few blood droplets where the body was dumped, indicating that he might have been killed elsewhere," alleged a local leader.

Mourning the loss, Masindi municipality Member of Parliament, Businge Joab, linked Dr. Abiriga's death to conflicts within the health department.

"The health department has been dogged by many conflicts, and his death might be connected to job-related issues," speculated Businge.

The community, political leaders, and technocrats  gathered at Dr. Abiriga's home to commiserate with his relatives as questions continue about his murder.

"We wonder how the people of Arua will receive Abiriga's body," Businge wondered.

The Albertine region police spokesperson Julius Hakiza could not comment on the matter, noting that he is on leave.

Efforts to reach out to the Regional Police Commander were futile as his phone couldnt go through.


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