FUFA boss Eng Magogo slams Masaka stadium construction delays

FUFA boss Eng Magogo slams Masaka stadium construction delays
Eng. Moses Magogo in Masaka

By Farish Magembe

In a scathing rebuke aimed at city authorities, Eng. Moses Magogo, the president of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA),  has expressed deep frustration over the prolonged delay in commencing construction on the Masaka recreation ground.

Despite a hefty allocation of shs16 billion, Magogo squealed  at  lack of tangible progress on the project, citing bureaucratic hurdles and misplaced priorities.

The saga began two years ago when parliament  approved  a budget of shs16 billion for the construction of Masaka recreation ground stadium .

However, despite the Ministry of Finance releasing shs9 billion to kick-start the initiative, little to no visible development has transpired on the ground.

Magogo minced no words in condemning what he perceives as a conspiracy by Masaka authorities to divert funds towards building lockup shops instead of prioritizing the much-needed stadium infrastructure.

"We cannot allow all the shs9 billion to be used by politicians in just building lockup shops,"  Magogo said, echoing the sentiments of many sports enthusiasts in Masaka.

Expressing disappointment in the local leadership, Magogo emphasized his resolve to leverage his position in parliament to expedite the stalled project.

"The people of Masaka deserve better. It's regrettable that despite allocated funds, there's been a glaring lack of action," declared Magogo,

The FUFA president also hinted at his strategic parliamentary maneuvers to catalyze progress if local leaders in Masaka city continue to stall the project that is aimed at benefiting the people of Masaka .

“I know which button to place in parliament to in order to have tangible results."

Concerns echoed by various football clubs in Masaka underscore the dire need for upgraded sporting facilities. The dilapidated condition of the Buddu stadium, the city's primary sports venue, further underscores the urgency of completing the Masaka recreation ground.

Amid swirling rumors of land appropriation and collusion between vested interests and local leaders, Achilles Mawanda, the Speaker of Masaka city, vehemently denied any impropriety.

"We all need this stadium for the people of Masaka to boost sports tourism," insisted Mawanda, refuting allegations

Addressing concerns regarding the protracted delay, Mawanda attributed the sluggish progress to bureaucratic procurement processes.

While acknowledging the necessity of these protocols, he assured stakeholders of expediting the necessary procedures to jumpstart construction promptly.

Masaka Recreation Ground, with its storied history dating back to colonial times, holds significant cultural and historical value for the community.

Originally acquired by King Muteesa in 1955, the stadium stands as a testament to Masaka's rich heritage.

However, its potential remains unrealized, awaiting revitalization through concerted efforts and timely investment.

As Masaka residents eagerly await the fulfillment of long-awaited promises, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on authorities to uphold their commitment to advancing sports infrastructure for the betterment of the community.

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