PM Nabbanja scoffs at critics after Museveni reappointment

PM Nabbanja scoffs at critics after Museveni reappointment
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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and state minister for public service Grace Mary Mugasa have scoffed off at critics whom they said  wanted them to be  dropped from their cabinet positions.

While joining Christians for the Palm Sunday celebrations at Bujumbura cathedral in Hoima during a  service led by Hoima diocese bishop Vincent Kirabo, the two scoffed at these critics.

"You people should know I am  now a new person in office and this is my first church service after my re appointment. It is  better that you join me we thank the president for trusting me once again to serve a prime minister and leader of government business in parliament. It is a big role I can tell you," Nabanja said on Sunday.

She  was later joined by the state minister for public service Grace Mary Mugasa who said some people reached an extent of lobbying the president to drop them.

"People can say whatever they want, but as a matter of fact I 'm very happy for the trust by the president. This is a sign that the president believes in us, so people who want to speak it's up to them," Nabbanja added.

Mugasa said, "You can't imagine that some people lobbied to the president to have some of us dropped, because they don't believe in us.Now that we have retained our positions, they should  just join us we work for our country because you have nothing to do now  until 2026 we are here."

She said it would have hurt her if Nabbanja was dropped.

"I don't know why people make noise about her. She is a very great performer and  for us in cabinet we love her so much."

Nabbanja said her focus is serving the country.

"My focus is serving the country. I  want to ask all leaders at various levels even in church to continue encouraging people to embrace government programs like emyooga and PDM. All we want is to see our people out of poverty. My  focus is on serving my party and government headed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni."

She also fulfilled her shs50 million pledge for the construction of the Catholic church in the area  but also assured christians  that the  president's pledge of shs300 million  will be delivered anytime.n.

"I talked to the president about that pledge and he told me to speak to state house comptroller but when I tried calling, she told me she had left for Mbarara but if not I would have come with it. That means the money is coming soon."

Bishop Kirabo expressed his gratitude to the prime minister.

He also asked the believers to continue behaving well even after the lent period.

"For a fact , during the fasting period, you people have been behaving well but I ask that we should continue doing the same even after the fasting season. Do good deeds to your colleagues. For politicians,  it's always better to come back to your people because they   have a lot of issues to tell you, but when you are away they hardly can find solutions," Bishop Kirabo said.


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