Precious Baba Targets Uganda for Malaria Prevention Campaign

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Precious Baba Targets Uganda for Malaria Prevention Campaign
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Motivated by the high number of malaria-related deaths in Uganda, renowned advocate Precious Baba has chosen the country as the focal point for her latest malaria prevention campaign. As one of the African nations severely impacted by this preventable disease, particularly among children, Uganda faces significant challenges in controlling malaria.

Baba's dedication to the cause was evident on June 7, 2024, during a community cleaning initiative in the villages of Kirimanya and Zana within Ssabagabo Municipality, Wakiso District. Collaborating with pupils from Zana Parents' School and local leaders, Baba participated in cleaning trenches, markets, and the surrounding areas.

Recognizing the importance of instilling community service values in children, Baba remarked, "When children grow up doing such communal work, it only directs them that communities should always be clean." This initiative aligns with Baba's broader vision to promote healthier living conditions and reduce malaria incidence by eliminating potential mosquito breeding grounds.

Her efforts underscore the critical role of community involvement and education in tackling public health challenges like malaria.

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