Luuka District Officials Crackdown on Double Land Deals, Champion Orphan Rights

Luuka District Officials Crackdown on Double Land Deals, Champion Orphan Rights
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Luuka district in Uganda is taking a strong stance against village chairpersons who engage in double land transactions, especially those targeting vulnerable groups like widows and orphans. This comes after two orphans, Difasi Mugabi and George Ivulungo, successfully reclaimed their land with legal help after a long battle against their stepfather.

The district is seeing a rise in cases of property grabbing, often due to the absence of proper documentation and wills. Mugabi and Ivulungo, with the support of the NGO Redeem International, managed to win back their 3.5 acres of land through legal means. Redeem International emphasizes the importance of proper documentation and wills to prevent such disputes in the future.

Luuka District Police Commander, Nasibu Nditta, has issued a stern warning, stating that they will not hesitate to arrest village chairpersons involved in illegal land dealings. Deputy RDC Paul Waiswa pledged the government's full cooperation in addressing these issues.

To raise awareness, officials conducted outreach programs in nearby villages to educate residents about the rights of widows and orphans. During one such event, an unexpected turn unfolded as an elderly man sought legal counsel regarding his son's objection to his remarriage.

This news report sheds light on Luuka district's efforts to combat land grabbing and protect the rights of vulnerable groups. Collaboration between the district administration, NGOs, and legal professionals is crucial in ensuring justice and upholding the rule of law.

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