Ugandans urged to prioritize eye check-ups

Ugandans urged to prioritize eye check-ups
Experts speaking to the media

Opticians have urged Ugandans nationwide to prioritize regular eye check-ups and seek immediate medical attention if they encounter any issues.

During a press conference held in Kampala, Oliver Mwanko, the PR and Communication Officer for Lapaire Africa, emphasized the importance of proactive eye care.

Mwanko highlighted Lapaire's accomplishments in 2023 and unveiled their ambitious plans for the upcoming year.

"We have numerous community projects planned, and we are excited to unveil our 2024 initiatives aimed at strengthening the optical industry in Africa," he stated.

Lapaire is determined to expand its accessible eye care services throughout the continent in 2024.

In 2023, the company solidified its position by opening over 13 new optical shops across Africa, bringing the total number of locations to an undisclosed figure.

Additionally, since its establishment in 2018, Lapaire has conducted eye tests for over 300,000 individuals, positively impacting the lives of more than 180,000 people.

Kenneth Twinamastsiko, the Operations Manager of Lapaire Uganda, emphasized the company's efforts to expand their network not only in Uganda but also in other countries.

"This year, we aim to reach a minimum of 300,000 individuals, with 180,000 lives being improved through the provision of eye glasses and free eye check-ups," Twinamastsiko stated.

Lapaire has successfully raised awareness through campaigns focused on eye safety, offering advice to protect people's eyes from potential dangers.

Mark Muoki, the HR & Talent Development Specialist for Lapaire East Africa, highlighted the company's commitment to making eye care accessible and affordable.

Their initiatives include promoting optometry, raising road safety awareness, and emphasizing eye health in sports, all aimed at engaging communities and spreading awareness about the importance of vision care.

Looking ahead to 2024, Lapaire announced plans to open 80 new optical shops across Africa, with 12 of them in Uganda.

This expansion will be supported by substantial equity funding from international investors and is expected to create over 250 job opportunities in various fields, including eye specialists, branch managers, and sales representatives.

The company also aims to enter new territories such as Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet the growing demand for eyeglasses and eye care services in those regions.

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