Lagan-Dott clears air on tax dispute in Namanve business park

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Lagan-Dott clears air on tax dispute in Namanve business park
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Lagan-Dott Namanve Limited has  dismissed claims of a taxation dispute on the Kampala Industrial Business Park project as "propaganda", and is setting the record straight on the facts.

"We confirm that a meeting took place yesterday involving the President, UIA management, and the responsible ministers, addressing the issue of Honoraria payments. As Lagan-Dott, we have noted several inconsistencies brought to our attention," said Eng. Andrew Bamanya, chairperson of the joint-venture board.

"We understand that an investigation is underway, and we fully respect that process . There is no company under the name 'Dot' executing the main contract at Kampala Industrial Business Park. Instead, the work is being carried out by a registered joint venture company named LaganDott Namanve Ltd."

Bamanya said  their legal team is currently evaluating the possibility of taking legal action against those spreading false propaganda about the company.

Concerning the disputed €8 million, LaganDott said they  are fully entitled to this variation in price.

"A variation order is currently being concluded to accommodate the additional costs associated with balancing the cash flow of the company due to the escalation of goods prices."

"The works at Kampala Industrial Business Park are proceeding smoothly. LaganDott Namanve Ltd remains dedicated to delivering on our commitments and contributing to the development of the park."

The Kampala Industrial and Business Park (KIBP) is a significant project aimed at developing a world-class industrial park in Uganda.

The project is a joint venture between Lagan-Dott Namanve Limited and the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

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