Kigangazi Health Center Overwhelmed by Surge in Expectant Mothers

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Kigangazi Health Center Overwhelmed by Surge in Expectant Mothers
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A surge in expectant mothers seeking care at Kigangazi Health Center II, Uganda, has stretched the facility beyond capacity. Located in Kigangazi town council, the health center, designed for basic prenatal care, is now overwhelmed by over 100 mothers seeking services monthly.

Medical officer Emelda Naluuwi pleads for an upgrade. With limited space, resources, and equipment, the facility struggles to provide quality care or handle safe deliveries. Mothers, forced to travel long distances to the next level health center due to a lack of an ambulance at Kigangazi, further strain the system.

Community leaders like Mayor Yasin Kawuma echo the urgency. Kigangazi's limitations highlight a broader issue – inadequate rural healthcare infrastructure. Upgrading this facility will not only serve the growing demands of Kigangazi but also sets a precedent for strengthening rural healthcare systems across Uganda.

The call to action is clear. Stakeholders must prioritize the upgrade of Kigangazi Health Center II, reaffirming their commitment to maternal and child health in Bukomansimbi and beyond. This investment is essential for ensuring the well-being of both mothers and newborns, not just in Kigangazi, but throughout Uganda's rural communities.

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