Prime Minister Nabbanja calls for whipping of Extension workers

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Prime Minister Nabbanja calls for whipping of Extension workers
State Minister for Northern Uganda, Kenneth Omona.

The Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has called on the leaders in the greater Northern Uganda to wake up and whip the extension workers into action, in order to successfully implement government programs.

Nabbanja who was welcoming Kenneth Omona as the new Minister of State for Northern Uganda, emphasized that the formerly war ravaged region needs concerted efforts in order to deliver the people from the widespread poverty, "Let's use our lands and you need to whip these extension workers. The President said the extension worker who earns the least gets 4 million shillings", she said emphasizing the nees for more work to be done by the extension workers.

Northern Uganda is blessed with abundant arable fertile land which the Prime Minister believes that can catapult the region out of poverty.

The chief justice who also spoke during the meeting further encouraged people in the North to embrace perennial crops, "in the next 50 years Uganda will be known for coffee production and that coffee will be produced from here in Northern Uganda" he announced.

Doctor Kenneth Omona who recently replaced Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny as the Minister of State for Northern Uganda pledged to work towards popularizing government programs such as the Parish Development Model and NUSAF 4 within the region.

The prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja also announced that 100 billion shillings has been allocated for the upgrade of the Akibua stadium in Lango sub region.

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