Prisons confirms relocation of Luzira in the offing

The Uganda Prisons Service has broken its silence about ongoing plans to relocate Luzira Maximum Prison and replace it with a five star hotel.

Commenting about the matter on Monday, Prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine said the matter is currently at ministerial level where discussions are still ongoing.

“This is a conversation going on between the president, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Attorney General. For now it is still at ministerial level and Uganda Prisons is not yet part of it,” Baine said.

In a July, 2022 letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, President Museveni gave a green light to the idea of giving land currently housing Luzira Prison to a Chinese investor of Tian Tang Group to construct a five star hotel and relocate the maximum security prison to another area.

“I support this idea,” Museveni said.

He therefore directed Otafiire to kickstart negotiations with the Tian Tang to execute the plan.

In a follow up letter dated February, 22, 2024, Minister Otafiire sought a consultative meeting on March 6 on the matter.

“The Uganda Prisons Service have identified 3.5 square miles in Buikwe District, out of which they have agreed to purchase 1 square mile for the said relocation,” Otafiire said in the letter.

“The family of the Late Antonio Lutwama Kabogoza who owned the land have unfortunately never applied for letters of administration since the late passed on in 1928 although they have agreed as a family and beneficiaries to sell the said square mile to the Uganda Prison. In light of the current legal impasse on processing letters of administration for the old Buganda estates, the family lawyers have formed an opinion that they (Beneficiaries) can still sale their interest in the said land to the Uganda Prisons Service for the Prisons relocation,” Otafiire said.

Speaking on Monday, the Uganda Prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine said where they are not allowed to comment on the matter now since it is still at a ministerial level, the matter of relocation of the prison constructed in 1927 has been on since 2013.

“To the best of my knowledge, the issue started in 2013 and it is a conversation which is still ongoing.  Those who want information about the issue should  contact  the Attorney General, Minister of Internal Affairs or office of the president. For now,  I don’t expect anybody to call me about this matter or  to want to have an interview with me for clarification about this issue.”


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