Report: MPs settle long-running score with fist fight

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Report: MPs settle long-running score with fist fight
The two MPs

As the 2026 general election draws near, two NRM Members of Parliament in Ibanda have faced off in a meeting

This website has learnt that the face off which disrupted the Ibanda council meet over 30 minutes saw Ibanda woman MP Jane Bainomugisha  exchange words  and later blowed with Ibanda South MP John Paul Ninkusiima .

The exchange left Ninkusiima's left eye injured and they two were separated by Ibanda RDC and councilors.

It is reported that during the previous elections,  long serving Ibanda South MP and former state minister for Works, John Byabagambi   who was beaten by  Ninkusiima was widely supported by Bainomugisha and  the triumph angered the latter.

It is also reported that recently, the Ministry of Health distributed ambulances to majorly MPs who sit on parliament's health committee.

It is said that when the ministry officials tried to reach out to Bainomugisha for clarity, she told them that Ninkusiima represents Ibanda North in Parliament and consequently the ambulance was sent to the constituency.

This consequently angered Ninkusiima who later found out that the ambulance was given to Xavier Akampurira Kyooma from Ibanda North.

This also contributed to the fist fight.

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