I am the right person to take Dokolo forward,says NRM's Adongo

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I am the right person  to take Dokolo forward,says NRM's Adongo
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The Dokolo woman MP aspirant on the NRM ticket, Janet Adongo Rose Elau has said she is the right person to pursue pledges and commitments of the government to the locals.

She was campaigning in Bata town council, Okwalongwen and Bata  sub counties.

“I commit to remind the government about some of the bad roads in your areas that hinder the movement of agricultural products to towns for markets,” Adongo said.

Adongo also assured the voters that if elected into parliament, she will fast-track the implementation of wealth creation programs like the Parish Development Model and Emyooga to improve on the household incomes among the families.

“I want to aid President Museveni in ensuring that these programs reach the intended beneficiaries unlike the opposition who aim at frustrating the same,” Adongo said.

She added, “Our people have been missing out on government money due lack of information, a gap that I come in to fill.” Mrs. Adongo reiterated her objective of demanding that Dokolo Health Centre IV be elevated into a district General hospital to improve health services especially for pregnant mothers.

On clean water in Bata and Okwalongwen, the NRM candidate assured the electorates of her resolve to work with the government to extend clean and safe water into villages. “This is my promise to you the people of Dokolo.”

From her assessment, the Director of Mobilisation at NRM, Hon. Rosemary Seninde, said the locals are grappling with 3 main challenges which require attention. These include lack of electricity, bad roads and lack of safe water in some villages.

“And I believe that if elected to parliament in this by-election, Adongo will tackle them one by one within a limited time,” Seninde stated as she addressed masses during Adongo’s rallies.

She revealed that even with opposition leadership in the district, the government each year sends a billion shillings to work on the roads but ends up misused due to poor supervision.

Seninde rallied the voters to elect Janet Adongo who has stood with them and clearly understands their plight unlike some other candidates who may not be understanding the issues of Dokolo well.

The Dokolo north legislator, Hon. Moses Goli commended electorates for a good reception and for patiently listening to Adongo’s message of development. I believe that our people will overwhelmingly support the NRM on the voting day.

Hon. Felix Okot Ogong, the Dokolo south MP, was also on Adongo’s trail as she began her 6-day campaign program.

The NRM national party chairman President Yoweri  Museveni is also expected to campaign for the NRM candidate.

The position fell vacant after the death of Cecilia Ogwal earlier this year.

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