Indian Association, Kampala Rotary Club to carry out 100 child heart surgeries

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Indian Association, Kampala Rotary Club to carry out 100 child heart surgeries
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The Indian Association has partnered  with the Rotary club of Kampala and Ssese Island to start sponsoring children to go for heart surgery.

The Secretary-General for the Indian Association Sasi Naira while dispatching the third batch of 5 beneficiaries for surgeries said they started the process three months ago and so far 11 children have been operated on, out of the targeted number of 100 children.

" W With 11 children so far operated on out  of the targeted 100, we hope to spend close to USD 5000,"  Sasi Naira, the secretary General Indian Association of Uganda said.

Among the  beneficiaries is Rehma Ajuna, a daughter to  Ashraf Kyaligonza, a resident of Kinogozi LC1, Kinogozi Parish, Buhimba S. County Buhaguzi East in  Kikuube district.

Ajuna was born with heart complications and has been in and out of the hospital until the Indian Association of Uganda sponsored her together with four  others children  for a free heart surgery at Cheney Hospital in South India.

According to the Uganda Heart Institute-(UHI), the common heart complications in children in Uganda include Rheumatic Heart Disease, Coronary artery, and abnormal heartbeats.

Persons with Coronary Arteries require a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) procedure, in which the blocked portion of the coronary artery is bypassed with another piece of blood vessel.

Research also shows that without appropriate treatment about one of three children born with significant congenital heart disease will die within the first month of life.

Area Member of Parliament Stephen Itaza Aseera hailed the Indian Association of Uganda for the initiative that has enabled such children receive appropriate medical care.

" The disease has a trickle down effect on the livelihoods of households and community productivity and local economy. The parents and communities where these children come from. The support you have offered these children is crucial in ensuring that they live a healthy life. The parents and communities where these children come from will always be very grateful". Notes Stephen Itaza Aseera - mp, Buhaguzi East.

Unrepaired congenital heart disease is a major cause of heart failure among children in Africa and in Uganda .

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