Court dissolves marriage of MUK don accused by wife of  sodomy

Court dissolves marriage of MUK don accused by wife of  sodomy
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The Family Division of the High Court in Kampala has okayed the dissolution of the marriage of Dr. Igeme Katagwa, a Makerere University lecturer whom the wife recently accused of sodomising her.

Sarah Nalwoga Igeme accused her husband Dr. Igeme of aggravated defilement and sodomy of their two children, a boy aged 15 and a girl aged 13.

However, the DPP cleared the lecturer of any wrongdoing, prompting him to run to the Family Division of the High Court seeking the dissolution of their marriage that he said could no longer work out.

In her decision on Tuesday, Lady Justice Celia Nagawa said that despite the lecturer being cleared by police and the DPP of any wrongdoing, the wife has continued making relentless damaging allegations against him which has put his life in danger of threats of lynching from various groups.

The judge said the continued relentless allegations by Nalwoga against her husband can only be equated to cruelty.

“These allegations not only affect his relationship with the Petitioner and make it impossible for him to continue to live with her, but they affect his relationship with his children and in turn her relationship with her children,” Lady Justice Nagawa said.

She said that Nalwoga is therefore guilty of cruelty meted out against her husband which cant allow their marriage to continue.

“The court is satisfied that the relationship between the parties had deteriorated to such an extent that it would be impossible for them to live together without mental agony, torture, or distress on the Petitioner. To keep the façade of this broken marriage alive would be doing an injustice to both parties.”

The judge therefore ruled that on dissolution of the marriage, Dr. Igeme Katagwa will have primary custody of the children while the wife will have visiting rights over the weekend, twice every month to the youngest child, until he turns 14 year old to decide for himself.

“The two eldest children shall have the right to decide when to visit their mother as they are at an age where their wishes can be ascertained. The parties shall alternate religious and public holidays,”Lady Justice Nagawa ruled.

She also awarded the Makerere lecturer 90% of the couple’s property including land and two houses while the wife is awarded 10% of the value of the said property to be paid in cash to her.

The judge also ruled that the two shall have the responsibility to provide maintenance of their children while in their custody. 10.

“ The petitioner(lecturer) shall pay their school fees and provide for all their basic needs and school requirements.”

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