Blame yourselves not Museveni for poverty- Minister Kasolo tells Ugandans

The state minister in charge of microfinance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has said is only foolhardy for Ugandans to shift blame onto President Museveni for the wallowing poverty in the country.

“If a man has two wives, with one having two children and the second one without any, the man can’t be blamed for impotence. It is the same thing here. During the same Museveni government that you blame for causing poverty, many people, including those in opposition have become rich. Why would you then blame Museveni for making you poor? Why not blame him for making others rich,” Kasolo said.

“If you are here seeing your colleagues getting rich and you are still wallowing in poverty, don’t blame Museveni. Find out the reason why you are still poor. Even if another president comes to power but you have not changed your ways, you will remain poor.”

Kasolo made the remarks at Nakasero Market while launching the Katale loan, a product of the Microfinance Support Centre which allow market vendors access individual loans to boost their business.

This is one of the initiatives by government to ensure wealth and job creation.

The minister insisted that becoming rich is an individual initiative the needs one to stop blame games but find ways of fighting the enemy(poverty).

“Becoming rich is not rain that it will fall from heaven and everyone gets wet but it is rather a process. Getting rich is like death everyone does it on their own. It is an individual initiative. It is a journey you have to walk yourself. No president is going to throw money at people. Every president will urge you to work hard and put in place enabling environment just like Museveni has done. Museveni is the first to send money directly to people without going through government structures. Whoever fails to get rich this time should blame themselves.”

Explaining about the new initiative, Minister Kasolo explained that the Katale loan will enable vendors get unsecured loans.

Whereas previously, Emyooga ran under a similar arrangement but members get loans through their various saccos, under the new program, an individual is able to get a loan as long as they have guarantors and the only security is their stall or place of work in the market.

The new initiative will see vendors who have borrowed pay back daily or weekly until they complete the loan issued at one percent interest.

The minister said whereas many people want to grow their businesses, they don’t have enough capital to support expansion.

“This initiative is meant to support our market vendors with capital. The problem our people have been facing is lack of capital. To solve this problem, moneylenders have always come in handy to give them quick loans but with a big interest. This program is here to fill that gap. Market vendors will be able to access loans quickly without bureaucracy but at a small interest of only 1%. The person who borrows will then pay a small amount daily or weekly depending on their choice until they complete the loan amount,”Kasolo said.

He however warned critics of government programs.

“Some of our people are not serious. When we invite them to come and learn about the different government programs, they say we are playing politics and when we go to radios to teach them the message of wealth creation, they turn to  music shows. This is not politics but we are here to help you get out of poverty. Don’t let politicians mislead you. Take advantage of government programs and at the end of the day, you can vote whoever you wish to vote for.”

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