Ugandan Teachers Demand Fair Promotion System on Women's Day

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Ugandan Teachers Demand Fair Promotion System on Women's Day
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Ugandan teachers, both men and women, seized the occasion of Women's Day to demand a transparent and merit-based promotion system for educators nationwide. This call came during a Women's Day celebration at Green Hill Buwate.

Teachers expressed deep frustration with the lack of advancement opportunities despite their qualifications and experience. They emphasized the importance of promoting female teachers based on merit, ensuring fairness and objectivity in the process.

Miriam Kawuma, CEO of Greenhill Holdings, echoed these concerns. She stressed the need for a well-defined career path for teachers, particularly one that enables more women to climb the ladder to leadership positions.

Beyond promotions, female teachers highlighted the need for improved working conditions. This includes adequate classroom resources, staff housing, safe work environments, and manageable workloads.

Joy Maraka, Rector of Greenhill Schools, emphasized the importance of women's networks and encouraged teachers to participate in support groups and associations to enhance their well-being.

The celebration also served as an opportunity to recognize women's achievements. Greenhill Schools head teacher, Benon Takirambudde, emphasized the crucial role women play in national development. He called for greater inclusion of women in decision-making processes, respect for their abilities, and empowering girls to take on leadership roles from a young age.

Overall, Ugandan teachers used Women's Day to advocate for a multi-pronged approach: a fairer promotion system based on merit, improved working conditions, and a stronger focus on women's leadership in education and society as a whole.

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