Surrender now, or you perish, Museveni tells ADF

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Surrender now, or you perish, Museveni tells ADF
President Museveni addressing the nation.

President Museveni has asked ADF fighters to surrender or else the UPDF will continue its operations against them.

“I'm calling on the ADF to stop wasting time because there's no way they can survive. They don't know much about warfare, they don't know the capacity of the army. They have seen this, even yesterday we attacked them, and they will all perish,”Museveni said.

The president was on Tuesday night addressing the country on operations against ADF especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda entered DRC in 2021 after being allowed by President Felix Tshisekedi to carry out a joint operation with the Congolese army, FARDC .

Speaking on Tuesday at his country home in Rwakitura, Museveni asked Ugandan to advise anyone they know is linked to ADF to surrender or else they will face consequences.

“Unfortunately, they don't allow people to listen to radio in the camps, so I can't say that I'm calling on the people to run away because they don't allow radios, the only radios we give them are the bombs. The ADF has no chance of surviving, we are hitting all of them in sector One, two, three and now sector four.”

The president said after being hit hard, ADF split into smaller groups that have started infiltrating the country and have carried out attacks in communities near the border.

He cited last year’s attack at Lubhiriha Secondary School in Kasese in which over 40 students were killed and the attacks in Kamwenge district where over 10 people were killed as well as the attack on terrorists in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Museveni said it was foolhardy for ADF to think the UPDF would cease its attacks on their camps in DRC.

“Now recently, the ADF in their stupidity think that if they send some small groups into Uganda to kill people, then the UPDF in Congo will come back to Uganda but that will not happen.”

“Then they have been trying to bring bombs to Uganda like at Kayanja’s church. This we have defeated by vigilance. I want to thank you the Ugandans for being vigilant and exposing these bombs before they go off. But the solution is to finish the ones in Congo because those are the ones sending all these groups and ruining the lives of these young people.”

Parades victims

During the address, the president also paraded a group of former abductees or victims of ADF who had spent so much time with the fighters.

During the broadcast, the victims  who were all female recounted how they were captured and tortured by the terrorists during captivity.

Mariam Nansubuga 20, narrated how her father trafficked her to the camp of ADF in DRC when she was only 7 years old.

“My father took me to a school owned by Sheikh Mbaziira to study when I was 7 years old but later they took us to the forest in Congo. We were 4 girls and 5 boys. While in Congo, they trained us, and they married me off when I was 8 years of age. We suffered a lot. I escaped in April last year and I was rescued by the UPDF,” she recounted.

According to the president, the victims escaped at different times when UPDF carried out attacks on  ADF camps in DRC.

“These are some of the children who were either lured into ADF or kidnapped. They are telling you the story of how the UPDF is attacking those bandits and liberating these young people,” Museveni who was in the company of the First Lady said.

“These young people knew that UPDF doesn't kill people, that is how they were able to run. I'm glad these young people were clever enough to run away and many others are running away; these are just a sample. There are others who escaped recently, they should bring them on TV so that they talk to you.”

The president insisted that ADF will never succeed in its plans and the only way out is surrendering.

“In November 2021, the Congo government allowed us to operate against ADF. Now that was the end of ADF. If they had common sense in their heads, they should have known that there's no way they can survive once President Felix Tshisekedi allowed us to work with the Congo army and clear that area.”

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