Eastern Uganda Politicians Launch Pressure Group, Aim for Regional Power

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Eastern Uganda Politicians Launch Pressure Group, Aim for Regional Power
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A new political pressure group, the Eastern Revolutionary Platform (ERP), has been formed by Ugandan politicians from the Eastern region.

The group, launched in Jinja, comprises young members from various political parties including the National Unity Platform (NUP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The ERP aims to advocate for the Eastern region's interests and push for a future where an Easterner holds the country's highest office.

Founders of the group claim the Eastern region has been neglected since independence, lacking sufficient political, social, and economic development.

"Our main objective is to ensure Eastern Uganda gets into power by all means," declared Moses Bigirwa, the group's leader.

ERP plans to mobilize Eastern Ugandans and raise awareness about the region's potential and marginalization. They point to reports highlighting the East's high poverty rates and call for a fairer share of national resources.

"We are the electricity powerhouse with dams, we have cement factories, coffee, sugarcane... but when it comes to benefits, we have nothing," said Ivan Masawi, the group's Vice President, emphasizing the region's contributions despite lacking development.

The group's large population base fuels their ambition. They contemplate forming a separate political party dedicated to the Eastern region, mirroring parties established in other regions like Buganda and Lango.

"We have seen other regions benefitting from having their own political strongholds. We want the same for Eastern Uganda," said Bigirwa.

The ERP expresses openness to forming coalitions with new West African leaders who rose to power recently, citing a shared understanding of overcoming oppressive regimes. Bigirwa emphasizes their focus on collaborating with young African politicians who reject neocolonialism.

The launch of the Eastern Revolutionary Platform signifies the Eastern region's growing political activism and their demand for a more prominent role in shaping Uganda's future.

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