DP unveils strategy ahead of 2026 elections

DP unveils strategy ahead of 2026 elections
DP's Gerald Siranda

As the Democratic Party (DP) gears up for the 2026 general elections, the party has revealed its comprehensive plan to align with the electoral roadmap issued by the Electoral Commission.

Key among the strategies is the announcement of an early delegates conference aimed at preparing candidates well in advance for the upcoming elections.

DP Secretary General, Dr. Gerald Siranda, outlined the party's roadmap, including a National Executive Meeting scheduled for February this year and village council elections set for March 2024.

The early delegates conference is a strategic move to rectify past mistakes and equip candidates with the necessary skills to secure electoral victories.

Dr. Gerald Siranda emphasized the importance of thorough preparation, stating,

"We have learned from past errors that impacted our performance. The early delegates conference will play a crucial role in preparing, training, and positioning our candidates to secure electoral positions."

The DP has taken a bold stance by prohibiting party members with aspirations to vie for parliamentary seats from expressing interest in running for the party presidency.

This move aims to streamline the party's leadership structure and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

In challenging the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) on all electoral positions, DP has clarified its position on the cooperation agreement with NRM, emphasizing that it is not a merger.

Despite the cooperation, DP vows to contest NRM in all elective positions, asserting its commitment to providing alternative leadership.

Regarding internal party dynamics, the DP leadership acknowledged the existence of a broken wing but reassured members that there is room for participation in the upcoming delegates conference.

This inclusivity highlights the party's commitment to unity and collaboration within its ranks.

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