Suminwa Tuluka is DR Congo's first woman prime minister

DR Congo
Suminwa Tuluka is DR Congo's first woman prime minister
New DR Congo PM Judith Suminwa Tuluka

BBC | The President of DR Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, has appointed a former minister as the country's first ever female prime minister.

Judith Suminwa Tuluka, a former planning minister, replaces Sama Lukonde who resigned in February.

"I know that the task is great and the challenges [are] immense, but with the support of the president and that of everyone, we will get there," Ms Tuluka said at a press conference on Monday after her appointment.

Her appointment follows a lengthy search for a majority coalition in the National Assembly - a key step before a prime minister could be named and a government formed.

The ruling Union for Democracy and Social Progress party secured the majority position beating the other 44 parties.

Ms Tuluka is expected to name a new cabinet in the coming weeks.

The prime minister heads the government, which is also composed of ministers and deputy ministers.

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