Prioritise pressing matters - Museveni asks DPP

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Prioritise pressing matters - Museveni asks DPP
President Museveni at Kololo on Thursday.

President Museveni has pledged continued support to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions but  tasked them to prioritize the pressing tasks because every sector needs sufficient funding and enough human resource.

During the 7th Kagezi Memorial lecture at Kololo ceremonial Grounds in the afternoon of Thursday, the president said he began with tax waivers on their monthly emoluments and so supporting them is still on.

"The Banyankore have a proverb that "Nabakoreera omunshaho, Imwe muti watuhaki..." loosely translated as "I am still touching in the pockets for you and you are asking me what I am giving you?" assured President Museveni.

This was after the Director of Public Prosecutions expressed various challenge that continue paralyse their work especially insufficient staffing and budgetary constraints.

Additionally, the president commended the culture by ODPP to celebrate such a heroine Joan Kagezi, who put her life on the line to patriotically serve this nation.

"It's not good for a country to have a culture of forgetting. when someone dies, they should be remembered. Its through these memorial lectures that we should keep remembering such people. How do you die? You die of a good thing or a bad thing and the nation forgets you?" added Museveni.

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