DP slams NUP for excluding them from alternative budget launch

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DP slams NUP for excluding them from alternative budget launch
Ismail Kiirya, the acting spokesperson for the DP

The Democratic Party (DP) has voiced its dissatisfaction with the National Unity Platform (NUP) for not extending an invitation to attend the unveiling of the Alternative Budget for the 2024/2025 financial year.

During a media briefing, Ismail Kiirya, the acting spokesperson for the DP, highlighted that the opposition should collaborate and involve all opposition parties in such initiatives.

"Initiatives like these should bring together all opposition parties to jointly determine the way forward. However, we discovered the launch through social media, and no invitation was extended to the DP. We didn't see UPC, FDC, or PPP either," he expressed.

Kiirya, who also serves as the president of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD), emphasized the importance of unity within the opposition and expressed disappointment in Joel Ssenyonyi, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

"The opposition leadership in parliament presented an Alternative Budget of 43 trillion for the 2024/2025 financial year, which was delivered by Joel Ssenyonyi, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament," he added.

Recently, the opposition presented its alternative budget for the upcoming 2024/25 financial year, totalling Shs43.404 trillion. This budget focuses on strengthening the agriculture, education, work, and transport sectors.

In stark contrast to the government's proposed budget of Shs58.34 trillion, the opposition's alternative budget demonstrates a significant difference of Shs15 trillion. It aims to strategically allocate resources to address urgent national priorities.

The alternative budget allocates a substantial amount of Shs6.549 trillion to works and transport, recognizing the importance of infrastructure development and connectivity for driving economic growth.

Health receives priority with an allocation of Shs5.944 trillion, emphasizing the need for improved healthcare services and infrastructure to enhance public health outcomes.

The agricultural sector, which plays a vital role in ensuring food security and livelihoods for millions of Ugandans, receives Shs3.032 trillion.

The alternative budget also prioritizes other key sectors, including defence and veteran affairs, internal affairs, energy and mineral development, justice and constitutional affairs, public service and local government, and the presidency.

The opposition's alternative budget aims to address the critical needs of Ugandan citizens while promoting fiscal responsibility and accountability in government spending.

As discussions unfold in parliament regarding the competing budget proposals, stakeholders closely monitor the deliberations to ensure that the final budget aligns with the best interests of the Ugandan people.

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