DP MPs accused of sabotaging ongoing party registration exercise

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DP MPs accused of sabotaging ongoing party registration exercise
DP Secretary General Gerald Siranda,

The Secretary General of the Democratic Party Dr. Gerald Siranda is concerned that some party legislators have launched a parallel exercise of registering new members in the party.

According to Dr. Siranda ,this is intended to disorganize the exercise and cause confusion amongst party members.

"There are three or four DP MPs within Central Region here who have sent parallel registers to the field just to cause confusion amongst party members. This is unfortunate," Dr. Siranda said

He is now advising members to embrace the exercise that was launched by the leadership of Nobert Mao saying it will help the party realize the genuine members who want to see the stay and the growth of the oldest political party.

" Those registering you, where are they going to take those registers after registering you?. Don't be duped by those self seeking politicians. We shall only acknowledge registers that the party sent to the field."

The party last week launched a fresh registration exercise across the country.

Dr. Siranda says after the mass exodus of 2019, the party now wants to generate a register that has genuine members that will work towards developing the party ahead of the 2026 general polls.

In an exclusive interview with Nile Post, the DP Secretary General is also appealing to those that quit the party but still have DP at heart to consider applying for the membership in the party before the deadline of June, 20.

On registering Democratic Party members in the diaspora, the Secretary General says they are soon launching an app where they will be required to register their membership online.

He has also acknowledged that in Kampala and some parts of Buganda the exercise has not kicked off but preparations are underway  to have party members registered.

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