DP bloc members self-seekers- Siranda

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DP bloc members self-seekers- Siranda
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Democratic Party secretary general, Gerald Siranda has branded DP bloc  members as confused self seekers.

While launching the Democratic Party membership registration and renewal exercise for Bunyoro region in Hoima city, Siranda used the platform to rant at the DP bloc members who he said  think they are so great.

Siranda smilingly said, the world had judged them, but given their action within the National Unity Platform  is a clear sign that DP leadership was never the problem rather these groups.

“When I look at them, I continue smiling, because the world had judged us  but now we have been exonerated. There is a group of people in Ugandan politics who think every time they will build a wave, have confusion and win out of the confusion, this unfortunately may not work” Siranda said.

He said this group believes they are so big, and everyone must bow before them reminding them that no one is bigger than the institution.

“They think they are so special,but our leader Mr. Mao warned NUP leader, that the firewood you have taken has insects, and now you see they have started biting. The unfortunate thing is they are political failures. Many started political parties, some are secretary generals in SDP but they are shy to even mention them. If you are strong, form your own party where you will be the boss.”

Siranda who was addressing DP leaders from Bunyoro, cautioned them against the DP bloc warning that they are planted in intelligence, whoever deals with them is not for them.

“I’m the secretary general, when those groups come here claiming to be registering ask them where is the stamp, after registering where are they going to take your names. Our focus is on building the party structures and we are watching everyone. Deal with them at your own risk,” Siranda warned

“We are organizing our party, and we are going to field candidates on all elective posts across the country, including that of the president. Once we elect our flag bearer in the delegates conference, he will be the candidate. Our cooperation with the NRM is so clear, there is no way you can fight government outside. We are inside studying, who knows NRM can see us as trustworthy then chooses to pass leadership to us.”

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