Eco-Innovation in Action: Centenary Green Data Centre construction underway

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Eco-Innovation in Action: Centenary Green Data Centre construction underway
Centenary officials during the assessment visit

MASAKA | Centenary Technology Services has undertaken a critical assessment of the progress made in the construction of Uganda's first Tier 3 Green Data Centre.

The pioneering project in Masaka has garnered attention for its immediate impact on local employment, and is expected to create numerous job opportunities and stimulate economic activity in the region.

In a statement, released this week, Centenary Group described the project as "hallmark initiative" and said it marks a pivotal moment in the fusion of technological innovation with environmental sustainability, underscoring a new era of digital infrastructure development aligned with eco-friendly principles.

The project assessment visit showcased the remarkable progress of the construction, the Group added, which is set to not only enhance Uganda's digital capabilities but also minimize environmental impact through the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies.

"Today, we see our promise to create a green future for Uganda's internet and computer services slowly coming to to life," Peter Kahiigi, Centenary Technology Services’ chief technology officer, said on site.

He emphasised the project's dual focus, stating, "This data centre wont just be a place filled with technology; it will be a symbol of our commitment to making technology grow hand in hand with taking care of the environment."

Adding to the narrative, Dr Grace Ssekakubo, Centenary Technology Services’ chief executive, highlighted the broader societal implications of the project.

"The construction of this green data center is a testament to our commitment to driving positive change," Ssekakubo said.

"Beyond its technological and environmental merits, this project is a catalyst for socio-economic development, providing substantial employment opportunities for the local community.

"This initiative underscores our belief in the transformative power of technology to not only drive economic growth but also to uplift communities, ensuring that the dividends of digital innovation are equitably shared across society."

The construction site has become a hub of activity, embodying the project's commitment to fostering economic growth alongside its technological and environmental objectives.

As Uganda strides towards integrating digital technology across all sectors, the green data center stands as a critical component of the country's Digital Transformation Roadmap.

It signifies a bold step forward in harnessing digital technology for national development and inclusive growth, aiming to bridge the digital divide and provide last mile communities with unparalleled access to digital resources and services.

Once built, the Centenary Group Data Centre will set a new standard for data center projects, not just in Uganda but across the region, demonstrating that the future of technology can and should be green.

As the project progresses towards completion, it holds the promise of driving economic growth, promoting environmental sustainability, and enhancing social inclusivity, heralding a new chapter in Uganda's digital transformation journey.

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