New study highlights status of women at work in Uganda

New study highlights status of women at work in Uganda
BrighterMonday Uganda Country Manager; Xenia Wachira.

BrighterMonday Uganda in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Uganda announced the publication of their first edition of the status report titled, "Women at Work:"

The report delved into the multifaceted experiences of women in today's workforce capturing their sentiments and shedding light on both the obstacles they face as well as contributions from key experts and industry leaders including the former UN Country Resident for Uganda, Ambassador Rosa Malango who recommended among others, organizations taking a human centric approach to talent management that recognizes the diversity of their workforce.

The report was part of the  Annual Women’s Day Forum event held in commemoration of the international Women’s Day under the theme, "Breaking barriers: Women in middle management and entrepreneurship."

The report shared insights from the women at work survey results and analysis such as the fact that 52% of women with an education level above a master’s degree were in senior or executive level positions compared to 75% of men with the same education according to the survey data which shows a disparity in correlation between education & career outcomes.

Additionally, the report showed that among women, millennials are generally more satisfied (54%) with the current jobs which tracks with most of them making into mid to senior levels compared to their younger counterparts (Gen Zs) at 41% who are likely not to follow the norm of a structured career path and timeline therefore their perceptions of work & career advancements differ from those of millennials which contributes to these disparities.


The report recommends the establishment of leadership development initiatives highlighting the significance of diversity in decision-making, equipping managers with the skills to perform gender-neutral performance reviews, utilizing objective criteria and steering clear of stereotypes, cultivating an organizational culture that esteems diversity and inclusion through the encouragement of transparent communication, attentive consideration of employee feedback, and proactive resolution of emerging issues and introduction of  recognition initiatives that honor and commend the accomplishments of women throughout the organization.

The report was compiled using a multi-method approach, including literature review, data analysis from the “Women at Work” survey which was launched between 19 February to 10 March 2024.

Quantitative data was gathered from the survey and qualitative insights were collected from the survey’s open-ended questions along with enriched insights from industry experts and leaders.

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