There is no opposition in judiciary, says CJ Dollo

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The Chief Justice, Alphonse Owiny Dollo has dismissed as untrue claims that there are two factions in the judiciary including judges who are pro-government and those who are pro-opposition.

“Maybe it is among you people that there are opposition judges and then judges who are not in opposition. For us as judges, there is no opposition judge. At least I can tell you as the head of the judiciary that there is not a single opposition judge,”Dollo said.

“This is your creation and I forgive you because you don't understand judicial work. When you become a judicial officer, you take oath to do good to all manner of people, people who seek justice before you without fear. Justice Kakuru did it without fear ,just like  all judicial officers do it without fear.”

The Chief Justice made the remarks during the memorial service for the late Kenneth Kakuru of the Court of Appeal at St James Cathedral, Ruharo.

Owing to a number of his judgments that to many were not pleasing to the state, it was said by some commentators, especially those leaning to government that Justice Kakuru was an opposition judge.

Kakuru’s dissenting judgement in the removal of the age limit cap from the constitution where he was the only one out of the five judges to rule that removal of age limit was done illegally further lent credence to the claims.

However, speaking during the memorial service, the Chief Justice poured water on these claims saying Justice Kakuru was a good servant to his country.

“The only thing with Kakuru is that he did it in the open expression his non fear, without favour, without affection and then without bearing ill will against any person. For those who think there are opposition judges and non-opposition judges, when you are in Constitutional Court, what comes before you is interpretation of constitution and there is no politics in interpreting the constitution. It is a creation of people who don’t know judicial work. A judgement is a reasoned opinion of a person who has issued the judgement. That’s why my opinion can go this way and the Deputy Chief Justice can come with his in the opposite direction,”Dollo said.

“Justice Kenneth Kakuru was not an opposition judge but one of the Court of Appeal/ Constitutional Court. With Kenneth, we say freely and with conviction that he was what people have said of him and more. He was a more genuine person. Kenneth was never arrogant. You knew he was saying what he believed but there was no arrogance in his expression.”


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