Nyamahunge sets pace to advance to semis with convincing heat win

Nyamahunge sets pace to advance to semis with convincing heat win
Uganda's Jacent Nyamuhunge.

Uganda's Jacent Nyamuhunge showcased her dominance in heat 1 of the 200m event at the 13th African Games, clinching first place and securing a spot in the semi-finals with a swift time of 23.65 seconds.

Reflecting on her performance, Nyamuhunge expressed satisfaction, mentioning that the race wasn't particularly challenging for her.

Despite feeling it wasn't her personal best, she remains optimistic, stating that her best is yet to come. Winning her heat boosts her confidence and motivates her to push even harder towards her ultimate goal.

“I’m glad I have won my heat. It wasn’t tough, I’m glad I managed to make it to the next round. I feel it wasn’t my best but the best is to come. Winning my heat gives me confidence to keep pushing harder to maintain my confidence,” says Nyamuhunge.

Madagascar's Njarasoa Claudine claimed the second position with a time of 23.94, while Malawi's Simwaka Asimenye finished third with a time of 24.10. Nyamuhunge now shifts her focus to the semi-finals, scheduled for 7:50 AM EAT, where she will compete in heat 6 of the women's 200m.

In the men's 200m race, Allan Ngobi secured 4th place in heat one, posting a time of 21.67 seconds.

Emmanuel Oboda finished 6th with a time of 21.94, while Benson Okot claimed the 6th position with a time of 22.03.

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