Producers of alcohol welcome regulation suggestions

Producers of alcohol welcome regulation suggestions
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The leading producers of alcohol in the country, Uganda Breweries Limited and Nile Breweries have welcomed the enactment of the Alcohol Drinks Control Bill with a request to parliament to amend and delete some of the clauses in this bill.

Appearing before the Health Committee of Parliament on Wednesday, the producers of alcohol said that while they support it,  such regulation must be fair, balanced, evidence based and sustainable taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders.

They were appearing before the health committee of Parliament chaired by MP Dr. Charles Ayume to give their position on the Alcohol Drinks Control Bill.

The officials started by asking the committee to delete clause 1(b) of the bill that was exonerating the regulation of the native alcohol for domestic use and traditional function. They are of the view that the bill must regulate the production of all alcohol so as to ensure that proper production standards are met and adhered to.

In their submission  presented by Andrew Kilonzo the Managing director of Uganda Breweries Limited, they stated that clause 14 of the bill should be amended to allow the sale of alcohol to be restricted  between 12pm to 3am during working hours and for weekends and public holidays the sale should be restricted between 10am to 4am but this should not apply to the alcohol sold in supermarkets.

Presently, the bill suggests alcohol should be sold between 5pm to 10pm during working days and between midday and midnight on weekends and public holidays. The producers of alcohol are opposed to this.

The producers of alcohol are also opposed to clause 5 (7) that prohibits the sale of alcohol within 400 meters to a school, health unit, a place of worship and at fuel stations.

The committee members had mixed reactions on the submission of the producers of alcohol on the now controversial alcohol drinks control bill of 2023.

The bill once processed by the Committee, a report will be tabled before the House for the second reading of the bill before legislators deciding on its fate.

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