Bishop Akanjuna: Combat ADF once and for all

Bishop Akanjuna: Combat ADF once and for all
Bishop Akanjuna

In a poignant Christmas message delivered at the Diocesan headquarters on Rugarama hill, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, has fervently called upon the government to address the escalating attacks by ADF rebels, citing the recent tragedy in Kamwege district where over 10 people fell victim to suspected rebel violence.

Bishop Akanjuna underscored the government's responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens, acknowledging the efforts of the security forces while urging for enhanced vigilance, especially for those residing in border areas.

He emphasized the need for a collective response to protect the people from the persistent threat.

During his Christmas message, the Bishop also voiced deep concern over the alarming rise in alcohol consumption in Uganda.

He linked this disturbing trend to underlying societal issues such as heightened poverty, increased instances of sexual acts, and related vices.

Describing the situation as absurd, Bishop Akanjuna called for divine intervention and urged Ugandans to adopt a lifestyle transcending the pitfalls of excessive alcohol consumption.

Highlighting the detrimental impact on productivity and family well-being, the Bishop stressed the urgency for a collective effort to break free from the chains of this vice.

He called upon Christians in Kigezi and across Uganda to embrace a renewed commitment to combat alcohol-related challenges in the coming year of 2024.

As the Diocese of Kigezi grapples with the aftermath of the recent ADF attack in Kamwege district, Bishop Akanjuna's Christmas message resonates as a call to action, urging both government intervention against rebel threats and a societal shift to address the concerning rise in alcohol consumption.

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