Security detonates four improvised explosives in Kampala 

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Security detonates four improvised explosives in Kampala 
Brig Felix Kulayigye displays the IEDs

Joint security forces have detonated four improvised explosive devices that were recovered from a rented house in Kwata Zone, in Komamboga , in Kawempe division in Kampala.

The IEDs were recovered in the wee hours of Saturday morning after locals tipped security of suspicious persons who had come and rented a single roomed house in the area.

" The neighbours had seen these strangers come with luggage to rent the house. They alerted security which swung into action and cordoned off the house,” the director defence public information, Brig Felix Kulayigye said on Saturday morning.

The Nile Post has separately learnt that after renting the house, the suspects left their belongings inside and left.

The landlord got suspicious after realizing the new tenants were not returning to sleep in the house and alerted security.

By 7am on Saturday, various security agencies including the Police bomb squad, Special Forces Command, JAAT, and operatives from the Defence and Intelligence Security formerly known as CMI, headed by Maj Gen James Birungi had arrived at the scene.

The house

Inside the single roomed house was a small mattress and several other items including three metallic casings in which there were three IEDs while the fourth one was in a bucket.

There was also three feature phones connected to two cells and a pistol magazine

“The IEDs had been connected in a series. The phone was supposed to receive command from the one who would be controlling and once set off, the explosives would go off in a series,” Brig Kulayigye said.

He said the metallic casings were to act as fragments.

The house in which the explosives were recovered

Brig Kulayigye said this operation is a culmination of arrests made in the past targeting ADF agents and collaborators within the country and outside.

He said the IEDs were set to be detonated at four separate targets which are yet to be known, adding that the ADF commander in charge of the group responsible for the explosive is Meddie Nkalubo aka The Punisher.

“He is believed to be located in DRC but also moves to South Africa and other countries. We are tracking him and the accomplices. We are sure he will soon be eliminated or arrested very soon. Security forces will also continue to hunt for remaining terrorist cells still at large in Kampala and other parts of the country,” Brig Kulayigye said.

He however called for vigilance by members of the public.

“We have always told you that anybody not known in the area who comes should be reported to authorities. For example, this case, a person came looking for a house and it was given to them without questioning.”

The explosives recovered from Komamboga

The development comes on the backdrop of an alert by the Defence and Intelligence Security formerly known as CMI in the past two months of suspects  ADF members who are said to have sneaked into the country with an aim of detonating bombs.

“The ADF terrorist who was last year 2023 sent to plant bombs in Kampala has resurfaced to execute the deadly mission. You are advised to be vigilant and advised to report to any police or security agency,” the alert in March said.

Another alert  last month said following continued hitting of ADF inside DRC, they had resorted to sending their fighters inside the country with arms and improvised explosive devices to cause havoc  inside the country in a bid to "assassinate individuals who don't support them, surrendered to the government and government officials."

"They have intentions to blow down places of worship and happening places like bars, supermarkets, taxi parks, bus parks and markets among others. This is therefore to alert the public to be extra vigilant like we have always been and report or arrest, any strange characters in bars, hotels/restaurants or residents."

n November, 2021, ADF terrorists detonated twin bombs at the Central Police Station in Kampala and alongside Parliamentary Avenue where 10 people were killed and several others injured.

However, Uganda security forces have since rounded up several individuals linked to the blasts as well as launching operations that have seen several suspected ADF sleeper cells wiped up and members either killed or arrested.

These operations continue up to date as security seeks to clean the country.

Meanwhile, following the November 2021 attacks, the Ugandan army, UPDF together with their Congolese counterparts , FADRC launched a joint operation against the ADF inside Congo.

The operation has seen several top ADF commanders and fighters either killed or captured alive and several caches of arms and ammunition seized.

The operation nicknamed 'Shuja" a Kiswahili word for bravery has also led to the rescue of several abductees whereas several ADF camps have been destroyed as the group went into disarray and now moves in small splinter groups to avoid detection.

President Museveni recently said it is these splinter groups that having been hit hard inside DRC are crossing back into Uganda to cause havoc.


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