Why Political parties have rushed into early political campaigns

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Why Political parties have rushed into early political campaigns
Besigye flashes his famous symbol to his party loyalists in Mbarara

Alliance for National Transformation spokesperson Gerald Karuhanga has called on political parties to take advantage of early political campaigns and prepare themselves if they are to outperform the ruling NRM in the 2026 general elections

Most parties have hit the ground holding meetings and consultations ahead of the 2026 general elections

Now Gerald Karuhanga believes this will see them come up with quality and committed leaders to drive the country

"The culture has always been having an election and then waiting for the next election, no." Said the ANT Spokesperson

Nearly two years to the 2026 general elections, political parties FDC, ANT, and NRM among others have already hit the ground, engaged in different political activities strategizing for the 2026 elections

This move has been deemed appropriate and timely by the ANT spokesperson Gerald Karuhanga who says it is such a time that parties can recruit committed members with the potential to drive the party ideology

Gerald Karuhanga says, "When you give it time, then you begin to identify the very strategic leaders, people who are committed people who are focused but also people who are largely selfless".

"Let's move away from this practice of wanting to build towards elections only. We must deliberately have a very well-orchestrated approach that's very intentional that focuses on looking out for political players who mean great for the nation and are willing and that has to happen over a period, it just can't happen only during the elections period" he added

Early campaigns and political activities have equally been supported by Dr Gerald Werikhe Wansala, a governance and public policy expert who says elections are not an event but rather a process which was kick-started last year when the electoral commission launched its 2026 road map

This period Dr Werikhe says will also see several stakeholders try to improve the gaps realised in the previous elections

"If you are not prepared you can't do anything in the electoral process. Parties like ANT, had their lessons in the previous elections so they have to prepare early," says Dr. Gerald Werikhe, a Governance and public policy expert

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