West Budama leaders want Oboth Oboth unopposed

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West Budama leaders want Oboth Oboth unopposed
Defence minister Oboth Oboth

A section of leaders in Tororo district are rallying residents of West Budama South Central to allow Defence minister Jacob Oboth Oboth make it back to Parliament unopposed in 2026.

The leaders, comprising religious and cultural, say this would help uplift Bukedi subregion.

The group claims that Oboth Oboth being the only cabinet minister in Bukedi, makes it easier for the area to compete favourably in terms of development.

But to opposition leaders in the district, the will of the people should not be suffocated.

Ever since his new appointment as the minister of defense and veteran affairs, Oboth Oboth has become a darling to many in his home district of Tororo as well as Bukedi subregion.

A section of locals treat his appointment as a game changer in terms of fostering development in the subregion.

"There is no point why we shouldn't get all the services we need in Tororo now that we have a full cabinet minister," Richard Machika, a resident, said.

"The challenges we have like education, that should improve, challenge in health, that should improve, too."

With the 2026 polls nearing, religious and cultural leaders in the sub region are already rallying locals and those expressing interest to unseat him, to allow Minister Oboth Oboth bounce back to Parliament unopposed.

The Bishop of Bukedi Diocese, Rev Samuel Bogere Egessa, is among the leaders fronting the move.

According to the bishop, having the minister go through unopposed in 2026 will make him deliver better since his resources may not be put to waste.

"You know Oboth Oboth is the only full minister of the subregion. If he is left to go unopposed, who knows the president may again consider him for another bigger position," Egessa said.

"So, our prayers that the people of West Budama central should allow Oboth to go unopposed."

Tieng Adhola cultural institution, a body that represents all the views of the Jopadhola, has not turned a deaf ear to this move either.

Through its prime minister Josel Obbo, the institution claims Oboth is developmental.

"For the 10 years in Parliament, Oboth was not a minister but he has invested much in developmental activities within his constituency and Padhola. He has and is still lobbying for services to his people," Obbo said.

Minister Oboth Oboth said he was aware of the wishes of the people but welcomed challengers to make him test the electorate.

"I know I may not be able to go unopposed, I will have those who want to come and also test whether the Japadhola really love me or not," he told Nile Post.

A section of opposition political leaders in the district say the move by religious and cultural leaders is a violation of human rights according to the Constitution.

"Religious and cultural leaders should not fully participate in this active politics and leave people to exercise their rights. If they feel Oboth has performed, they should instead mobilise for him than saying he should go unopposed," Al-Jamal Manyadi, NUP district chairperson, said.

To Manyadi, the move is not only in breach of the democratic principles but also denies the constituency of even getting other better leaders.

"As a national unit platform, we're going to parade candidates from all levels right from lC1 to presidency. So we're not ready for sympathy politics."

Reports indicate that several NRM members are stepping up to unseat minister Oboth Oboth.

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