Lumumba eyeing Silwany's constituency 

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Lumumba eyeing Silwany's constituency 
Justine Kasule Lumumba is said to be after teaching Solomon Silwany a lesson in humility

The embattled Commissioner of Parliament Solomon Silwanyi should tighten his belt in 2026 as he faces a tight race

Solomon Silwany's political migraine could just be about to set off emergency bells in his head as the Minister of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ms Justine Kasule Lumumba, has eyes on his parliamentary seat.

Former NRM Secretary General Lumumba, who hails from Budaaya Subcounty in Bugiri District, is positioning herself to stand for Bukhooli Central MP seat.

Silwany, who was in Lumumba's camp in 2016 when he dislodged the then Leader of the Opposition in Wafula Ogutu no longer see eye to eye with his mentor.

But it all comes at a time Silwany's seat on the Parliamentary Commission appears to be awaiting confirmation of having been take following a corruption and abuse of office scandal.

He is among four backbench commissioners facing censure by fellow legislators over Shs1.7 billion they awarded themselves in 2022.

Problem for Silwany in Bukhooli reached a head when he recently recruited FDC's Eunice Namatende into NRM. Reports suggest he wants to Namatende to challenge Agnes Taaka Wejuli fo the Womn MP seat in 2026.

Ms Taaka was among the first MPs to sign the Theodore Ssekikubo led-censure motion.

Both Taaka and Silwany were groomed by Lumumba when they started their political journey in 2016.

According to political analysts in Bugiri, Lumumba wants to tame Silwany's influence as he is now a threat to her political status of being the most influential politician in the district.

"The race is expected to be tight because Lumumba has influence and Silwany has a lot of money," said Simon Mukuve, a voter in Bukhooli.

Though Lumumba has not openly declared her intentions of standing against Silwany, she is always in the constituency "greeting people" and mobilising voters.

However, observers say the incumbent is presently like the political cotter pin and would have to be hammered harder to fall off as he has grounded his footing in the constituency.

For the last eight years he has represented Bukhooli Central, Silwany has been a performer both on ground and in Parliament.

He supported the construction of two health centres of Buwuni and Busowa Health IIIs, he also bought land and lobbied for Bulesa Seed Secondary School in Bulesa Subcounty and Budaaya Seed Secondary in Budaaya Subcounty.

Silwany is also said to have bought land for construction of NRM district headquarters in Bugiri.

Apart from Lumumba, five other candidates are eyeing Silwany's constituency. NRM-leaning Ali Mugoya Mukoova, who finished third in 2021, is coming back for another race.

Others are FDC's Peace Mukuve Mugagga, Daudi Mulengani and NUP's Michael Kibwika.

Voters unmoved by censure

A section of voters in Bukhooli Central are not moved by the corruption allegations against their legislator saying he takes the loot to them.

"He bought for us (farmers) a tractor which we use to cultivate our gardens freely, so we are not concerned with corruption allegations," said Alice Nakisige, a resident of Buliida Subcounty

Whenever he appears at any public gathering, Silwany parades all attendees and give them Shs5,000 each.

He is said to have bought  vehicle for Deputy District Kadhi of Bugiri and motorcycles for all the six khadis in his constituency.

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