Baganzi: Bobi Wine has nothing to offer, even those in opposition

Gerald Baganzi

Gerald Baganzi

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Bobi Wine has nothing to offer Bazukulu even those in opposition apart from his psychopathic belief in grandeur and self exergerated relevance.

Bobi Wine is just another inflated opposition politician in Uganda, it has been done before with Besigye, Hajji Ssebagala of the famous Hajji alagide slogan, Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi etc. The media inflation of Robert Kyagulanyi and his people power pressure group which most naive Bazukulu think will dislodge the legitimately elected government is quite interesting. Opposition leaders/parties have been meeting and forming possible coalitions against the NRM government but it has over time proved to be a people’s government, it has been voted overwhelmingly over and over again.

Bobi Wine and his group exist and are progressing more in the media than they are on ground and reality.

Bobi Wine since his media inflation has been doing things that don’t fit the vision of the generation of Bazukulu he claims to represent. He has preached violence, hate and anger,  we don’t want this in our country. We have been born in times of peace and security why should anyone think they can drag us into times of violence and bloodshed.

Bobi Wine has turned out as someone who only wants publicity but has nothing tangible to offer Ugandans. Ugandans want concrete policies and ideas, during his first Press briefing in America he was asked a very important question relating to the oil and how it will impact on the young people that he purportedly represents but alas he had no answer neither did he have any idea. He is such a clueless muzukulu caught between a rock and hard place. Let’s not turn out to be this desperate.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has used his people power pressure group to leap frog over opposition parties and leaders that have more numbers and catapult to fame,  he has also used this as an opportunity to enrich himself. I am saying this because Bobi Wine has addressed more fundraising meetings than he has been to hospital for check ups. He clearly strategically went to America to meet Robert Amsterdam, lobby international media and then solicit funds from unsuspecting Ugandans in diaspora.

Ugandans should actually forgive these other opposition politicians who are trying to boost their profiles through the people power group. It’s just the usual behavior of Uganda’s opposition leaders, they are like parasites who latch on the back of hosts and feed on them, they have done this to BESIGYE, AMAMA and now BOBI WINE.

This people power Pressure group has taken advantage of naive Ugandans, used them to reach where they are now.

We have embarked on a massive plan to rescue Bazukulu from these parasites. Ugandans don’t want to read, most Ugandans are less informed even on the basic history of our country, these opportunists have used this information gap to their advantage.

It’s quite unfortunate that for example the Bazukulu don’t even know about the various initiatives government has put in place to help them.  It’s now our duty as leaders to inform them, link them to all available opportunities and encourage them to monitor implementation and progress of the various government programs.

NRM has always been a people power government, it has respected the will of the people. Ugandans have always voted NRM massively and am sure they are not about to stop.

Whoever thinks that he commands majority support should not take to the streets like its becoming a norm for the people power group, wait for the elections let your numbers be reflected through the ballots otherwise your riots and demonstrations organized by people power and funded by some cso’s will not yield a thing.

We as the Bazukulu have vowed to protect the gains of the NRA revolution at whatever cost.


Gerald Baganzi


De facto leader of the Bazukulu.



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